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A new design  for the Dartmouth Community Greenhouse has been agreed by the trustees of Dartmouth Green Partnerships and greenhouse designer, Hartley Botanic Ltd. They offered us their Victorian Grand Manor design, which is an attractive, rectangular, gabled greenhouse 4128mm x 11194mm in size (see photo below).  It means that the greenhouse can be built later in 2021 in the Dartmouth Community Garden by the riverside, giving us more space to grow-on the seasonal floral displays for the town which are prepared by volunteers . See greenhouse page for more details



AWARD from South West in Bloom

Dartmouth Green Partnerships is delighted to have received an unexpected award from South West in Bloom for the summer 2020 floral displays created by volunteers last year, in spite of the pandemic.

DGP Chairman, Stevie Rogers, said: ‘Out of the blue we have received a certificate from South West In Bloom congratulating us for ‘continuing to excel during Covid 19’. The usual awards, when judges come to town to see the displays were, of course cancelled due to the pandemic. This was a complete surprise, and very welcome from such a well-respected organisation which covers the whole of the south west from Bristol to the Isles of Scilly.

More daffodils and colourful tulips have been planted in our floral boats and large containers. As we emerge from the latest lockdown, we hope these displays will continue to provide joy for everyone. Our heartfelt thanks are due to our many sponsors for their generous donations which fund our work. If you would like to sponsor our planting in 2021 please email our treasurer, Tessa deGalleani  see Contacts Page.


Our latest work, apart from the very necessary maintenance – cutting back, composting etc., has been to plant fruit bushes at the potager. We have created a tree nursery in a donated boat and installed several bird boxes in the trees in the community garden. The sailors’ memorial has been repaired.




Summer Planting 2020 – in a time of  COVID 

Despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, DGP’s team of volunteers were hard at work during the lockdown dismantling spring displays of daffodils and tulips and preparing the summer displays for June. Volunteers followed Government and local authority advice. Our focus  was on sustainability and we used pollen producing, wildlife friendly perennial and annual planting to attract insects and requiring less watering in the boats, at the potager and in containers. For the hanging baskets, tiered planters and riverside troughs we planted a mix of cream begonias, magenta geraniums, lime green ipomea, yellow heuchera and white gaura. Sadly we weren’t able to let the Brownies help us plant the baskets so our volunteers had to do all of them! Our new bed at the community garden features the Mayflower rose the Mayflower 400 commemoration year. See our 2020 gallery for more pics.



Pyramid greenhouse news 2019


The Dartmouth Pyramid Greenhouse has been awarded £20,000 from the People’s Postcode Lottery in 2019 enabling DGP to pay for the glass. A previous award from the PPL in 2017 enabled us to  pay for the detailed designs and prepare the site. With funds raised from the local community we are nearly half way to raising the £108,000 needed. See Community Greenhouse section for full information.

News on Dartmouth Community Garden improvements 2019

In summer 2018 cadets from Britannia Royal Naval College worked with Eddie Church and his staff and volunteers from DGP to improve the raised beds at the potager in the Dartmouth Community Garden. The old timbers were removed and replaced with new oak sleepers which will allow access by people with mobility issues.

The work was done in a collaboration between DGP and Dartmouth Caring. It was made possible following the generosity of the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust and Naturesave which made grants to help expand work in the community. Clients of Dartmouth Caring will be able to use the raised beds to grow vegetable and flowers.


BRNC cadets helped us again in the autumn, clearing and tidying in the Community garden.


DGP has  received a grant from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust to renew and improve the planting in the Mediterranean  Beds (see pic below) in the Community Garden. We already have some exotic fruit bushes including a pomegranite, and an olive tree and more will be planted. This work will be done in 2019.


DGP replants capstan beds along river front 2018

In 2018 DGP replanted some of the raised beds known as the ‘capstan beds’ along the South Embankment. The old cordylines were past their best and their roots made planting  around them difficult so they were removed by South Hams District Council. DGP added new compost and a selection of palm trees, agapanthus and other salt tolerant plants.


Dartmouth goes floral with new displays for summer 2018

Volunteers from  Dartmouth Green Partnerships worked hard to get the town’s displays for 2018 planted up. Dartmouth Brownies joined us to plant half of the 120 hanging baskets we create. (Thanks to the Dolphin for providing some refreshments on planting day.) Volunteers  planted the rest, each with a mix of richly coloured apricot and red begonias and purple and lime green ipomea. They were planted with plenty of space for the plants to grow ensuring that the display will last until early October. The baskets were placed  around the Boat Float, along the riverfront, and in the streets.


Our containers, boats and riverside troughs were planted by volunteers with evergreens, geraniums and begonias, and Herbie has wonderful heucheras as well. Our new boat in Royal Avenue Gardens is themed with white and yellow plants.


Supporting our Community Greenhouse appeal

The Dartmouth & Kingswear Society gave £1,000 towards the community greenhouse. Many thanks for this – the second such contribution from the Society. Pictured below is D&K Vice President, Phil Charlesworth, presenting the cheque to DGP members (left ) Deborah Bemrose, and Stevie Rogers.

The Co-op supports our appeal. Dartmouth Green Partnerships was delighted to receive  a contribution of £1,058 for the Dartmouth Pyramid Community Greenhouse appeal in December 2017. The money was raised from the Coop as part of its fundraising for local causes. 1 per cent of customers’ spending is allocated to good causes approved by the Coop and customers choose which of them they want to support. Pictured with the cheque are Ben Mould, Coop store manager, with DGP members Tessa de Galleani and Kathy Stansfield, and staff from the Coop.

Supporting Polio awareness with flowers

DGP members helped Dartmouth Rotary to plant 5,000 purple crocus bulb in December 2017 and again in 2018  as part of the national Purple4Polio campaign run by Rotary with the RHS. A total of 6 million bulbs have been planted nationwide. DGP also gave bulbs to community groups as part of the Its Your Neighbourhood awards.



Dartmouth Pyramid Greenhouse wins £20k award from Postal Local Trust

A new pyramid-shaped community greenhouse for Dartmouth came a step closer in summer 2017 with an award of £20,000 from the Postcode Local Trust, a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, following a successful application from Dartmouth Green Partnerships (Charity No.1164582).


DGP Chairman, Stevie Rogers said: ‘We are delighted to be able to announce this grant, and are very grateful to the Postcode Local Trust for their generous support which will enable us to start work on next phase of the pyramid greenhouse. We will be consulting with the designer, Hartley Botanicals on the next step. The grant provides us with the opportunity to launch a wider appeal for funds in September. We need to raise £100,000 in total for the greenhouse.

‘The Pyramid Greenhouse will be accessible to all the community, including visitors to Dartmouth. There will be perimeter and central staging work areas, with wheelchair access all around. In return for demolishing our old greenhouse to make a car park South Hams District Council gave us a paved base, supporting wall, water and electricity and an old hut. We have added a small temporary greenhouse and another hut.’

The Mayor of Dartmouth, Cllr Richard Cooke, who is also a DGP trustee said: Dartmouth Town Council is pleased to support the greenhouse project and delighted that such a generous grant has been awarded by the Postcode Local Trust.’ He is pictured below with DGP Chairman, Stevie Rogers, and with members of the team on the site.


The new greenhouse and garden area, will be used to grow-on floral displays for the town which are prepared by volunteers under the guidance of DGP. There will be gardening education for all ages and abilities, memory cafe days, and vegetables and cut flowers for community use. The existing surrounding potager beds already provide food crops and cut flowers from which the public can help themselves. The greenhouse will be open so the general public can see DGP’s work.

Stevie said: ‘Our displays this year have been very successful with over 100 hanging baskets (planted up with the help of the Dartmouth Brownies), riverside troughs and planters bursting with vibrant, colourful planting. We have been very pleased with the effect of our chosen ‘hot’ colours this summer which make a big impact. We are also responsible for several lovely planted boats near the river, in the gardens and at Townstal.

The Postcode Local Trust provides financial support for charities and good causes which help communities enhance their natural environment in a way that benefits the wider community.

Bring in the Navy!

Cadets from the Britannia Royal Naval College worked with volunteers from Dartmouth Green Partnerships in July to clear parts of the Castle Estate which had become choked with weeds. Visitors and residents who walk out to the Castle will have notice how weeds had infested the undergrowth and almost obscured the wall. Even the sign to the castle was almost obscured by overgrown shrubs and trees.


‘Hydrangeas and Camellias planted amongst the trees by DGP volunteers several months ago had become submerged by weeds and were not growing well as a result,’ said DGP Chairman Stevie Rogers. ‘South Hams District Council started clearing the area by strimming the undergrowth and along the top of the wall.


‘DGP finished the job with the help of 10 cadets from the BRNC. We cut down and dug out brambles and tree seedlings, some of which were several feet high even in the wall. A huge pile of green waste was removed by SHDC.


‘We are very grateful to the cadets for the time they give to us as part of their Community Outreach work. Now the hydrangeas have a chance to put on some growth this summer, and the lovely old wall can be seen again.’

The Yanks are coming…

A very moving ceremony was held in Royal Avenue Gardens on  June 6 2017 to commemorate the preparations for D-Day when Dartmouth was filled with American troops. The site was selected by the Americans and is the only such memorial in Europe. DGP volunteers helped prepare and plant the site.


BRNC turns the town blue in March!

Cadets from the Britannia Royal Naval College have helped us once again, working with us at the potager, in Coronation Park and Royal Avenue Gardens. Amongst other things, they have painted our garden huts and the red bridge in the Japanese style garden, sorted  out the compost bins, and put lorry loads of bark mulch down as a weed suppressant. They have also helped in Longcross Cemetery and at Beacon Park. Well done!

Painting the Japanese style garden     sorting the compost

spreading bark mulch

New Magnolia replaced vandalised tree

We were very upset when someone vandalised a wonderful 50-year old magnolia tree along the boundary of Coronation Park, which had to be felled. We raised funds to plant a new one – a gorgeous 15ft high Magnolia ‘Galaxy’ tree. It arrived in Dartmouth on a low loader in January, and now in early April it is flowering.


new magnolia

Daffodils delight in Dartmouth

For many weeks during  late Winter and early Spring Dartmouth has been full of daffodils planted by us in boats and containers around Dartmouth. Gradually they are being replaced with tulips.

canon planter      Daffodils along the river

Daffodil boat      Flora

Along College Way as you drive into town there are thousands of daffodils in Spring to make a cheerful welcoming sight. They have been planted  over the past three years by DGP volunteers and by cadets from Britannia Royal Naval College.

Daffodils College Way        Daffodils College Way


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