The Potager

In 2013 three raised beds were created outside the community greenhouse using rotted horse manure from a local nursery. They were planted as a demonstration potager, and local people were delighted to harvest the produce. Since then they have been planted with vegetables, herbs and flowers each year.


‘Potage’ is French for soup or stew, Traditionally a potager is an ‘edible landscape’ which is  symmetrical and organised.  It is a large, ornamental vegetable plot, with design and colour being paramount, also incorporating herbs and some flowers.

It is usually divided by box hedging and gravel pathways though here it is on grass in a simple wooden frame.

DSC_0113One bed is planted to demonstrate the Three Sisters, used by North American Indians, with corn grown as a support plant for green beans, and the rest of the space filled with courgettes






In 2014 we added a new raised bed and added a cutting garden to demonstrate the variety of flowers which can be grown locally for display in the home rather than expensive imports bought from supermarkets.

cutting bed

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