Riverside floral walk

Planting along the riverside features large hexagonal  planters and three tier planters, recycled from the Millenium Park and the Mall in London. Our 2016 summer hot colour theme is pictured below.

gun-planter                 riverfront-planter1               3tier-planter-potager      3-tier-planter

The four hexagonal and four three-tier planters were  used along the North Embankment for the first time in 2013. DGP is grateful to local nurseries who sponsor the hexagonal containers each year. We plant seasonal displays so there is always something to enjoy.

River front planter tulips     DSC03559.JPG

New troughs have been added to the floral promenade along the North Embankment near the Higher Ferry in 2014. Planting varies with the season. DCC gave us permission to fix the new troughs on special secure brackets’ and they have reservoirs to reduce the need for watering. More troughs were added in 2015 to reach a total of 20. The position is exposed to the winds off the river. The 2016 display, below, was a great success.

floral-promende1        riverfront-trough

The floral boat, Michael, at the Higher Ferry starts the riverside walk with varied displays through the year. Below is the summer 2016 display.

michael-boat1       michael-boat

In 2016 we added a wild flower display on unused cleared land near the boat park. The stunning, long lasting display of strong colours  is called ‘Volcano’.

c-park-wild-flowers     c-parl-wild-flowers1

The well established raised beds along the South Embankment have been planted with permanent displays. DGP took over the maintenance of these capstan beds from SHDC.


Capstan beds

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